ProtoLytic Integrates OpenAI Model into Proto-Link

Proto-Linkā„¢ uses nearly 9,000 proprietary algorithms to bring a powerful analytics engine to your systems. It instantly gives you recommendations based on CMS, each state’s rules, and integrates with one of the most powerful AI models for added analysis.

The rules engine is the result of 5-years of R&D to create proprietary algorithms that evaluate thousands of complex rules and regulations.

– Integrates 9,000 algorithms and powerful AI into your platform.
– Saves years of development.
– Helps you make decisions in far less time.
– Instant recommendations based on thousands of state rules.
– Easily accessed through a dedicated application programming interface.
– Saves time for users.
– Cost effective licensing.
– Ability to customize rules based on company policies.
– Supports medical decisions.
– Enables new revenue opportunities.